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Chimpy makes it super easy for developers to write automated tests, by taking away all the pain associated with setting up tools and allowing developers to focus on building-in quality.

It does so by integrating and sprinkling magic over the following tools:

Use what you are comfortable with

You can use Mocha, Jasmine or Cucumber.js to write your acceptance / end-to-end tests.

Test using Javascript - The language of the web

Built in Node.js, works with any platform. If you're building a web application, Chimpy can add quality.

A unique watch mode

Reruns only the specs you tag, allowing you to stay hyper-focused on the feature you're working on.

Write your step definitions in a synchronous style

Tests don't need to be complicated! No more callback hell or confusing promise chains. Just write easy to read, clean code.

First-class Meteor.js Support

When used with Meteor, Chimpy is aware of Meteor's hot-code pushes and also allows you to run code within the client or server, allowing you to test deep within the Meteor context.

Full Continuous Integration Support

Tested on Travis, CircleCI, CodeShip and of course Jenkins.

Automatically Downloads & Configures Dependencies

Like Selenium / ChromeDriver / IEDriver / PhantomJS.

OSX, Linux and Windows

Works on all these platforms.

Mobile Testing Support

Using Appium. You can even connect to real cloud devices services like the Amazon Device Farm

Run your tests in the cloud

SauceLabs / BrowserStack support out the box.

Intelligently Reuses Browser Sessions

Tests re-run fast, and you don't get annoying window-flicker whilst running your specs.

Automatically Takes Screenshots on Failures

This happens automatically on CI servers when a step fails so you can track down errors. Can save them to file or include them in the JSON report as embedded images for easy artifact publishing and reporting. (Cucumber.js only for now, Mocha / Jasmine coming soon).

Want to learn how to write the best tests?

Checkout's new guide where you can learn how to can bake quality in across the Full Stack from React to Node.JS, Mocha, Meteor and more.