If you would like to use Selenium, you need to have Java.
Oracle JDK v1.8+ (Download Here)
You can check your Java version in the terminal with java -version (single dash)

Be sure to install the JDK not the JRE.


npm install chimpy

and then you can run using ./node_modules/.bin/chimpy

Gulp Installation

TODO: This needs a patch since Chimpy has been forked from Chimp.

gulp-chimp is a wrapper to interact with Chimp.js in a gulp task.

Quick Install

In the terminal run the following command

npm install gulp-chimp --save-dev

Usage with chimp.conf.js file chimp.conf.js

var chimp = require('gulp-chimp');

/* Chimp.js - Automated/e2e Testing with a config file */
gulp.task('chimp', function () {
    return chimp('./chimp.conf.js');

Cucumber HTML Report

alt tag

Usage with chimp.js options

/* Chimp.js - Automated/e2e Testing with options */
gulp.task('chimp-options', function () {
    return chimp({
        path: './source/e2e/features', // Cucumber features files
        browser: 'phantomjs',
        debug: true,
        singleRun: false,
        log: 'info',
        timeout: 60000,
        port: 2345,
        reportHTML: true

Type: string
Default: ./source/e2e/features


Type: string
Default chrome


Type: boolean
Default true


Type: boolean
Default false


Type: string
Default: info


Type: number
Default 60000


Type: number
Default 2356


Type: boolean
Default true


Permission Denied
If you get this error message:
Error: EACCES: permission denied, mkdir...

Try deleting the .selenium directory using:

sudo rm -rf /usr/local/lib/node_modules/chimp/node_modules/selenium-standalone/.selenium`

Failed at the fibers
If you get this error message:
npm ERR! Failed at the [email protected] install script 'node build.js || nodejs build.js'.

Upgrade to Node 4.x+

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